Commerce Blog Posts From API Evangelist

These are the blog items I've written over the last decade when it comes to my Commerce resarch, providing the short form of my research across the API industry.

You can find all of the blog posts I have written over at the main API Evangelist site, these are mean to just be for providing easy access to what I've written when it comes to Commerce.

Curated Commerce News

These are the news items that I have curated during the monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the Commerce conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I am using all of these links to better understand how the space is defining not just their APIs, but their schema, and other moving parts of their API operations.

Twitters messy verification process is making candidates wait (02-21-2020)
Put your archive data on ice with new storage offering (01-08-2020)
UnDraw: Open (12-22-2019)
Migrate Data Between Databases With One Job Using the Dynamic Schema (11-28-2019)
Build Your Language Prowess with WordsAPI (11-25-2019)
Google buys Fitbit for $2.1 billion (11-01-2019)
Mark Zuckerberg still won't ban 'political' ads from Facebook (10-30-2019)
Pub/Sub Local Emulator (10-22-2019)
Facebook isnt free speech, its algorithmic amplification optimized for outrage (10-20-2019)
Scientists propose Spaceline elevator to the Moon (09-12-2019)
New homepage and improved collaboration features for AI Hub (09-05-2019)
The Importance of Comments for Maintainable Code (09-05-2019)
Structured Data Files v5 now available in the DoubleClick Bid Manager API (09-03-2019)
How Worldline puts APIs at the heart of payments services (08-29-2019)
Two rungs up the non (08-26-2019)
The Basics of Fetch API (08-25-2019)
Bugged cell location data prompts Denmark to review 10,000 court cases (08-23-2019)
Introduce React Plugin Template (08-22-2019)
Got microservices? Service mesh management might not be enough (08-22-2019)
Splunk Moves into Microservices Monitoring with SignalFX Acquisition (08-21-2019)
What We Mean by Feature Flags (08-21-2019)
Introducing the Wild West of Federal Government Websites (08-21-2019)
Facebook will use humans to curate its News Tab (08-20-2019)
Why You Should Auto (08-20-2019)
How to Reduce Cognitive Load for Voice Design (08-19-2019)
Google Traffic Director and the L7 Internal Load Balancer Intermingles Cloud Native and Legacy Workloads (08-19-2019)
Integrating Slack into your Laravel API (08-18-2019)
OpenDEX API Documentation (08-18-2019)
Versioning the BigCommerce API: A Look at Whats New with v3 (08-16-2019)
WebSSL (08-12-2019)
Integrate the Reminders API with Your Skill to Deepen Customer Engagement (08-09-2019)
Datafiniti Targets Primary Product Images From Top Retailers With New Field Release (06-24-2019)
How to Proxy the BigCommerce API Using Serverless Functions and Amazon API Gateway (05-10-2019)
Standard Cognition raises $40M to replace retailers cashiers with cameras (11-15-2018)
Miva Launches Robust API and Order Workflow Capabilities (10-30-2018)
Afinis: Advancing Financial Services Through API Standardization (10-30-2018)
EDI Switches to API, Expands Datasets (10-26-2018)
Integrate Python in Bigcommerce using API (10-22-2018)
SDKs and World Class Developer Experience (08-27-2018)
Square Connect SDKs: Instant Profiles & Search Customers (08-24-2018)
eBay Commerce Translation (08-14-2018)
eBay Buy Browse Image (08-13-2018)
Square is helping businesses develop contracts to prevent chargebacks from their customers (07-25-2018)
Hydrogen Atom API (07-20-2018)
Walmart Taxonomy API (07-13-2018)
Walmart Paginated Products API (07-13-2018)
Walmart Trending API (07-12-2018)
Moltin Offers API For Digital Displays, Social Shopping (07-12-2018)
Erste Group Basic Payments API (07-05-2018)
PayPal Checkout can now be personalized to each shopper (06-28-2018)
Extensions or not? (06-05-2018)
Build an e (06-05-2018)
What Is the Value of API? (06-01-2018)
Marvel Launches API Access to Creative Collaboration Platform (05-24-2018)
Content API for Shopping Roundup (04-20-2018)
Merchant API Overview (04-13-2018)
The world's first Instagram only, serverless ecommerce store. (03-08-2018)
New API Extensibility Feature (02-20-2018)
What is Software License Management? SLM Explained (02-04-2018)
Digital wallet provider Cardfree launches new API for omnichannel commerce (12-20-2017)
Introducing NIMA: Neural Image Assessment (12-18-2017)
Storing customer card information securely using Point of Sale API. (12-13-2017)
Developers must keep integration as a primary thought (12-13-2017)
Digital Insurer Lemonade Says No License Needed by Adopters of Its API Sales Platform (12-10-2017)
Link My Photos Add shoppable links to your Instagram photos (12-07-2017)
4 eCommerce Industries That Hinge on API Integration (12-07-2017)
Libertarians are against net neutrality (12-06-2017)
HOQU platform API in action (12-03-2017)
Google Manufacturer Center for product data expands scope, launches API (12-01-2017)
StitcherAds Integrates POS Data With Facebook Offline API (11-28-2017)
Creating a personalized, professional ticketing experience for any business, powered by Square APIs (11-27-2017)
Commerce APIs Arent They All the Same? (11-22-2017)
Payments API pioneer Modulr introduces sub (11-17-2017)
Volusion Integrates Payment Request API for Merchants Just in Time for Holiday Shopping (11-17-2017)
Twitter says it will judge verified users offline behavior (11-16-2017)
Stripe Atlas adds a tool to set up stock issues for founding teams as it builds its business services (10-31-2017)
How to add Masterpass support to your site through Squares eCommerce API (10-30-2017)
We build online self (10-24-2017)
National Gift Card Expands Global Gift Card API to 500+ Brands (10-24-2017)
PipeCandy 1 million eCommerce leads (10-23-2017)
US Consumers Willing to Trade eCommerce Convenience for Security (10-20-2017)
Cryptojacking Lets Strangers Mine Cryptocurrency With Your Browser (10-20-2017)
Amazon's Alexa is dominating the smart speaker landscape (AMZN, GOOG, GOOGL) (10-13-2017)
Announcing Vungle SDK for Amazon Appstore (10-12-2017)
Order from Target nationwide by chatting with Google Assistant (10-12-2017)
Target expands partnership with Google on voice shopping, Google Express (10-12-2017)
Serverless At The Helm in Kubernetes in the DevNet Sandbox (10-11-2017)
Vendor BPC Banking Silent on Patching SQL Injection in SmartVista Ecommerce Software (10-11-2017)
The rise of the siroop merchant API (10-10-2017)
Breaking Better : New Developer Tools Available Now (10-09-2017)
Solving Bill Pay (10-09-2017)
Embed Stunning Visuals into your Apps with Power BI Embedded (10-03-2017)
Stripe Elements (10-02-2017)
Payment Processing Blueprint for PCI DSS (09-26-2017)
Changes to data feed management in the Content API for Shopping (09-25-2017)
'Hey, Walmart, please use my API instead of your EDI' (09-23-2017)
How Artificial Intelligence (09-15-2017)
Building for an omni (09-14-2017)
Transitioning from v1 Items to Catalog APIs (09-13-2017)
Navisphere Vision Revolutionizes Global Supply Chain Management (09-12-2017)
ShopAdvisor introduces version 3.0 of its API (09-07-2017)
Safaricom Announces Increased API Efficiency within M (08-30-2017)
Tincup (08-29-2017)
Changes to sub (08-29-2017)
Feature as a service new and noteworthy (08-29-2017)
BRITA moves commerce platform to Intershop (08-25-2017)
ShopAdvisor API Version 3.0 Now Generally Available (08-21-2017)
Amazon Price Tracker Monitor Amazon product availability & price on Google Sheets (08-17-2017)
Australia Post partners with AlphaPaymentsCloud to launch online ecommerce hub (08-17-2017)
Working with Spreadsheets using Python (Part 2) (08-17-2017)
5 Types of APIs That Will Enhance Your Customers Shopping Experience (08-11-2017)
Overstock expands cryptocurrency acceptance (08-10-2017)
Accountstatuses now includes account (08-09-2017)
Amazon Product Advertising API (08-08-2017)
Priceline owner API shares dive on profit warning (08-03-2017)
Quovo Launches Self (08-02-2017)
Reference for the Brightcove Live API (07-27-2017)
Kore Updates Kourier Platform with API Subscriptions Capabilities and Swagger Documentation (07-26-2017)
Amazon Pay Places lets you pay for real (07-19-2017)
No Standard For Standards (07-17-2017)
Alexa brings hands (07-13-2017)
Open Data Blueprint (07-12-2017)
How to shop on Amazon using Alexa voice controls (07-10-2017)
GUEST COMMENT Why APIs are key to omnichannel retailing (07-07-2017)
No Billing Postal Code? No Problem! (07-06-2017)
Validate Stripe webhooks with Symfony (07-05-2017)
How to Extend Commerce APIs (06-30-2017)
What Amazon wants from Whole Foods: Data on shopping habits (06-29-2017)
3 Challenges to Getting Product Data from Ecommerce Websites (06-26-2017)
Introducing Square Checkout (06-22-2017)
eBay reveals two new Buy and Sell APIs at the Developer Conference (06-22-2017)
Visa Prepares for the Future of Payments With API Push (06-20-2017)
Amazon UK adds Dash buttons for beer and batteries (06-20-2017)
Amazon launched a new barcode (06-15-2017)
Amazons new Alexa (06-14-2017)
Amazons new Alexa (06-14-2017)
Send us your best pitches for government accountability journalism (06-14-2017)
How to Use the X (06-13-2017)
Reconsidering the customer experience (06-08-2017)
HERE Launches Community Feedback Developer Tools (06-08-2017)
Ecomdash Paves the Way for New Partnerships with Expanded Ecommerce API (06-06-2017)
Census Bureau Adds International Trade Statistics to its Application Programming Interface (06-05-2017)
Monthly Trade Statistics Added to the Census API (06-04-2017)
How to Manage Inventory in Google Sheets with Google Forms (05-19-2017)
E-Commerce in 30 Seconds with Gumroad and Jekyll (05-03-2017)
API Specs, Platforms Emerge (04-28-2017)
Fishbowl Integrates with SPS Commerce (04-28-2017)
Indix Product Descriptions The Details (04-26-2017)
Ways Octopart Can Make Your BOM Great (04-26-2017)
Theres now an Amazon Dash button for underwear (04-25-2017)
Shopifys Marketing Events API shows merchants what marketing actually does (04-20-2017)
Productstatuses now includes issues older than 21 days in the Content API for Shopping (03-15-2017)
PSD2 and the e-commerce system (03-06-2017)
Accountstatuses to now include validation issues in Content API for Shopping (03-02-2017)
Start shopping with the Google Assistant on Google Home (02-16-2017)
GoodRelations: The Professional Web Vocabulary for E-Commerce (02-10-2017)
APIs The Soul of Customer Experience (CX) (02-08-2017)
Ionic Shop - Advanced Ecommerce Template with Firebase v3 and Stripe (Full Applications) (02-08-2017)
Temporary disruption in processing Order API requests (13:00-14:40) (02-08-2017)
The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Software (02-07-2017)
Woocommerce Cybersource SOAP Payment Gateway (Gateways) (02-03-2017)
WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Buyer Seller Chat Plugin (WooCommerce) (02-02-2017)
WP Grid Gallery I Wordpress Gallery Plugin (Galleries) (02-02-2017)
Innovate Announces Major Enhancements to Sample Supplier API Suite (01-31-2017)
Last chance to upgrade to Order API V2 (01-31-2017)
Storj Payout Transparency (01-30-2017)
Changes for the week 2017-01-22 (01-23-2017)
Amazon Dash Buttons Go Virtual (01-21-2017)
Amazon's Dash button goes online (01-20-2017)
Square E-commerce API brings Square Services to Third Party Systems (01-18-2017)
Square launches ecommerce and point of sale APIs to offer sellers omni-channel experience (01-17-2017)
CRM (Magento Extensions) (01-17-2017)
Stamp Editor Magento Extension (Magento Extensions) (01-17-2017)
Key Ingredients of Product Data Attributes (01-13-2017)
What You Need to Know to Launch a Successful Amazon Business in 2017 (01-13-2017)
Accountstatuses to now include validation issues in Content API for Shopping (01-11-2017)
Magento 2 New Order Notification (Magento Extensions) (01-11-2017)
New! Duplicate BOMs in the Octopart BOM Tool (01-11-2017)
Start Selling on Amazon With Shopify (01-11-2017)
Selling on Amazon: Lessons You Can Learn From a $2 Million Business (01-10-2017)
Fishbowl Integrates with LemonStand (01-06-2017)
Using Google Analytics to up your eCommerce game (01-05-2017)
Bringing Algolia?s search-as-you-type experience to Shopify stores (11-01-2016)
Customers don't want to share their transaction data (11-01-2016)
IBM buys Expert Personal Shopper from Fluid to build out Watson?s conversation skills (11-01-2016)
IBM buys Watson-based personal shopper platform XPS from Fluid (11-01-2016)
Contextual Commerce is the New Normal (10-21-2016)
Link your Merchant Center and AdWords accounts using the Content API for Shopping and AdWords API (10-20-2016)
eBay rolls out new, revamped APIs (10-19-2016)
B2B Search That Doesn?t Suck: Integrating Algolia Into Your eCommerce Application (10-18-2016) Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) Contest (10-14-2016)
Fishbowl Integrates with DHL (10-07-2016)
How and when to use service accounts with the Content API for Shopping (10-06-2016)
You Can Now Turn Conversations Into Sales With Shopify and Facebook Messenger (10-05-2016)
Fishbowl Integrates with Avalara (09-23-2016)
Working With Product Data on the Internet: Part 1 (09-15-2016)
Magento 2 Create order using REST API Magento Stack Exchange (09-13-2016)
Bot Sale For WooCommerce (WooCommerce) (09-09-2016)
L.L.Bean's API Journey: Digital Commerce Done Right (09-01-2016)
Productstatuses to include validation issues in Content API for Shopping (09-01-2016)
Alex Jones? Infowars Hacked; Thousands of Accounts Sold Online (08-31-2016)
Amazon Dash Button Finds Your Phone (08-31-2016)
Amazon Dash one-button device arrives in Britain (08-30-2016)
Load data from Magento to Redshift (08-29-2016)
Smart-Currency-Detector (WooCommerce) (08-29-2016)
Indix and inRiver Partner to Enrich Product Information (08-23-2016)
Fishbowl Integrates with Amazon (08-19-2016)
Announcing the Indix Freshness API Endpoint (08-16-2016)
Operator 2.0 ? Shopping bot now with curated product recommendations (08-16-2016)
Pokedex Quiz Bot ? Facebook messenger based Pokemon quiz bot (08-16-2016)
Twilio SMS Notification (Magento Extensions) (08-14-2016)
Amazon adds more brands, connected devices to Dash Replenishment Program (08-04-2016)
Amazon adds several new devices to its Dash Replenishment auto ordering service (08-04-2016)
Getting Started with Amazon Dash Replenishment (08-04-2016)
How To Implement Product Search by URL (08-04-2016)
Developer Tip: Using the API to Sync Opt-Ins When Using Cart Recovery (07-27-2016)
Update plugin for Woocommerce 2.6.3 (07-21-2016)
Create a Custom API in OpenCart (06-21-2016)
The First Amazon Dash Replenishment Devices Are Now Available For Order (06-20-2016)
Walmart considering robotic shopping carts that follow you around and tell you what to buy (06-20-2016)
What's Inhibiting Your Growth? Find Out How the Stitch Labs API Can Help (05-23-2016)
Amazon's Limited-Edition Amazon Web Services Internet of Things Dash Button (05-16-2016) ? Natural language search for commerce (formerly GoButler) (05-16-2016)
Amazon finally has a Dash button you can program to do whatever (05-13-2016)
Amazon releases programmable Dash button, but not the one we wanted (05-13-2016)
Amazon?s Alexa voice assistant can finally track, you know, Amazon packages (05-11-2016)
Virtual Incentives Introduces New Reward and Incentive API Solution (05-08-2016)
FoxyCart Partners with Avalara (04-28-2016)
Shopify acquires Kit, the artificially intelligent marketing bot (04-13-2016)
3 Tips for Data-Driven Governing from the Department of Commerce (04-07-2016)
Heureka Product XML Feed for OpenCart 2 (OpenCart) (04-05-2016)
Automating Local Commerce: Rise of the Chatbots (04-04-2016) It?s All About the Data (03-29-2016)
Smart Messaging for E-commerce Integrations (03-29-2016)
Introducing the Postmates Magento Extension (03-25-2016)
Connecting To Magento API with CloverETL (03-24-2016)
Integrating Stripe Checkout Form or Using Snipcart: A Detailed Comparison (03-23-2016)
Shopify Launches Sales Channel SDK to Enhance Its Merchants' Reach (03-22-2016)
Shopify?s new SDK allows merchants to manage sales across different apps (03-22-2016)
When The Products We Own Use APIs To Order Their Own Replacement Parts (Or Service) (03-21-2016)
Is It Time for AI-Based Shopping Agents? (03-16-2016)
Introducing Shopify for WordPress (03-15-2016)
When The Products We Own Use APIs To Order Their Own Replacement Parts (Or Service) (03-11-2016)
What Funding Opportunities Are There For E-Commerce Startups? (03-10-2016)
When The Products We Own Use APIs To Order Their Own Replacement Parts (Or Service) (03-10-2016)
Amazon's New Smart Pitcher Is Just the Beginning (03-09-2016)
Commerce Department launches new suite of open data tutorials (03-02-2016)
The North Face Team Up With IBM to Use Watson as a Smart Shopper (02-03-2016)
All Shopify Stores Now Use SSL Encryption Everywhere (02-02-2016)
UberRUSH Gains Retail Partners with New Same-Day Delivery API (02-02-2016)
Changes for the week 2016-01-31 (01-31-2016)
London taxi service Gett launches flat-fee courier options from 6 (01-31-2016)
UberRUSH API Promises to Power Local Deliveries (01-28-2016)
Introducing: targeting for workflows. (01-21-2016)
One API to rule all product data (Symfony Blog) (01-21-2016)
vatlayer API | StarterPad (01-20-2016)
How to Build an eCommerce API With Ruby on Rails Part 3 (01-20-2016)
First devices using Amazon Dash Replenishment now available (01-19-2016)
How to Build an eCommerce API With Ruby on Rails Part 2 (01-19-2016)
Ionic WooCommerce API - PhoneGap / Cordova Full Hybrid App (Full Applications) (01-10-2016)
datasets/IMO-IMDG-Codes GitHub (01-06-2016)
All Companies Who Have An Online Product Catalog Should Look At What Octopart Does With Their API (01-05-2016)
E-commerce search with instantsearch.js by Algolia (11-25-2015)
Breaking the Silos of Shopping Apps, Powered by Cognitive APIs (09-11-2015)
Customer Centered E-Commerce: Salesforce + Heroku (09-09-2015)
On-Demand Product API (08-30-2015)
Amazon Dash: Hack It to Run Your Own Code (08-12-2015)
Semantics3's Approach to Building the 'Best' Product Lookup API (08-12-2015)
Indix Exposes Product Intelligence API (07-10-2015)
2Checkout Announces New Partnership with Bigcommerce (07-09-2015)
Latest Release of Elastic Path E-Commerce Platform for Enterprises Makes Deploying Digital Commerce Solutions on the Cloud Easier and More Affordable (07-07-2015)
Announcing the Launch of Indix API v2.0 (07-07-2015)
Pinterest makes buyable pins available on iOS for US users (06-30-2015)
APIs Bring Ecommerce to Any Page, Service (06-22-2015)
Woocommerce promotion (WooCommerce) (06-18-2015)
Why ?Buy? Buttons Will Pose Big Challenges for Google, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter (06-15-2015)
Buy Buttons (06-11-2015)
Pinterest diving deeper in e-commerce with buyable pins (06-02-2015)
Google?s buy button could give Amazon a run for its money (05-22-2015)
Google wants you to buy things straight through YouTube videos (GOOG) (05-21-2015)
Gumroad Goes Physical (05-18-2015)
JSON: A New Method for Sharing Orders and Carts with Bronto (05-15-2015)
Integrating with the Etsy API: Simplified (05-13-2015)
A Perfect Pairing: MMS and Coupons (05-07-2015)
Integrate Mailjet with the Shopify API: Dream Use Cases for Marketers (05-05-2015)
29% of US e-commerce transactions now mobile (04-28-2015)
API2Cart API Method Mines Magento Abandoned Cart Data (04-23-2015)
Oct8ne Releases API Access to its Coviewing Technology (04-22-2015)
Experimenting with HHVM at Etsy - Code as Craft (04-08-2015)
SupplyStream to Launch Product Catalog API (04-06-2015)
Version 2 of ITA?s Data Services Platform Released (04-03-2015)
SupplyStream Redesigns Website, Unveils Plans for API for Partners (03-30-2015)
Shopping utility available in the AdWords API Java client library (03-24-2015)
USPS WooCommerce Shipping and Label (Shipping) (03-15-2015)
Intuit integrates with Bigcommerce, Shopify in ecommerce push (03-12-2015)
Magento Percentage Tier Pricing (Magento Extensions) (03-11-2015)
Magento Shipping Restriction (Magento Extensions) (03-11-2015)
One Step Checkout (Magento Extensions) (03-11-2015)
Stripe Complete for WordPress and WooCommerce (WooCommerce) (03-10-2015)
The Ecwid API platform launch attempts to level playing field, (03-09-2015)
Invee | Stripe Interface & Invoicing Software (Shopping Carts) (03-01-2015)

These are curated as part of my daily work to understand what is happening across the space, and I regularly use them to track on what has occurred overtime, and include them in my guides, whitepapers, and other outputs.

Featured Commerce Companies and Organizations

These are the organizations I come across in my research who are doing interesting things in the API space. They could be companies, institutions, government agencies, or any other type of organizational entity. My goal is to aggregate so I can stay in tune with what they are up to and how it impacts the API space.

Other Commerce Companies and Organizations

These are additional companies who have APIs, but do not have as much detaila nd resources available to rank with the others.

Industry Tag Cloud

This set of tags represent this industry, pulled from the website and marketing materials available for each of the companies listed.

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HillsBingBinghamtonBiometricsBistroBittorrentBlitzBasicBloggingBluefin TunaBooksBorland JBuilderBostonBot ServicesBoycott, LawsuitsBreaBricklin, DanielBritish ColumbiaBroadcastBrowserBrowsingBSPBugzillaBUILD EngineBuild Management Systemsbuild online storeBuoysBurbankBusinessBusiness Opportunitiesbusiness opportunityBusinessesBuy-SideBy ContextBy LocationBy Topicbzip2C and C++C++Cable ModemCachingCalculatorsCalendarsCall Center SoftwareCamlCanadaCard GamesCareersCartsCasesCashcashbarcashfiestacashfiesta.comcashsurferCasioCatalogCECelebrityCentral New YorkCentral RegionCerritosCGICharacter EncodingChartsChatChats and ForumscheatCheats and HintsCheckCheckoutchequeChinoChino HillsChristmasCickaCIFSCisco IOSCitizen ScienceCitrixCity of CommerceClassified AdsClassifiedsClickClimate AdaptationClimate ChangeClimate DataClimate ModelingClimate ModelsClimate smartCloakingClocks and TimersClosed SourceCoastCoastalCoastsCocoaCodeCollectionsColor PickersColoradocolorForthColtonCommercecommerce servicecommerce toolCommerce und Customer Service SoftwareCommercialCommercial ApplicationsCommercial ProductsCommercial Products and ServicesCommercial ServicesCommissionCommodoreCommsCommunicationCommunications and NetworkingCommunity ResilienceCompaniesCompilersComplianceCompliance AssistanceComponentsCompressionComputerConduitsConferencesConfiguration ManagementConnecticutConnectorsConservationConsultantsConsultingConsumer Opinionsconsumer privacyConsumersContact CenterContentContent ManagementContributionsConvertersCookiesCoralCoral ReefCoral ReefsCoronaCosta MesaCosta RicaCounters and TrackersCoursesCrayCreativityCreditCredit CardCredit CardsCreditcardCreoleCriticismCRMCryptographyCrystal SpacecshCSoundCueCatCulver CityCUrlCurrentsCursor TrailsCustomer ServiceCustomersCyberspaceCybikoCybotCyprusCzech RepublicDana PointDANEDataData ManagementData MiningData RecoveryData StructuredData VisualizationDatabaseDatabasesDataCADDataPerfectDebianDeclarativeDelawareDellDemosceneDenmarkDepartment of CommerceDerivativesDesign ToolsDesktop ThemesdesktopdollarDesktopsDevelopersDevelopmentDevelopment ToolsDHCPDHTMLDictionaries and ThesauriDigital Performerdigital storefrontDingbatsDirect3DDirectoriesDirectoryDisastersDiscountsDiscussion ForumsDisk RecoveryDiskmagsDistributed ComputingDistributed ObjectsDistributorsDocDoc ReadingDock AppsDocumentDocument ArchivesDocument ManagementDocument Object ModelsDocument TypesDocumentsDogcowsDogsDollarDOSDownloadDowntown L.A.Drawing and ImagesdreamweaverDSLDTDsDVDDVIwareDylane commerceE-Businesse-checkE-commercee-commerce cataloge-commerce retailinge-commerce salese-commerce shopping trolleye-commerce web storeE-mailE-Shopsearnearn big moneyearn cashearn moneyEarthEarth DayEastereasyEbayecarteco labelecolabelecolabellingeCommerceEconometricsEconomic DevelopmentEconomicsEcosystemsEDIEditorialEditorseducationEducationalEee PCEft 1EIDEEl 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They reflect the intent of these platforms, helping people understand what is aavailable for integration into applications.